Best Air Fresheners For Pet Odor

Having a pet is a beautiful thing. Coming home from work every day to see your best friend makes the day worth doing. Having a pet a very time consuming process. From taking your dog on a walk to cleaning your cat’s litter box every few days. Pet odor is one of the most prevalent issues all pet owners can agree on.

It’s great to have pets but the odors associated with the responsibility of pet ownership can discourage most pet owners or sway people against getting a pet. Believe it or not, there is a solution.

Having a quality air freshener in your home can really improve the air quality of your home can really keep those putrid pet odors at bay. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at some of the best air fresheners on the market today for dealing with odors so you can have your house smelling fresh and improving your homes air quality.

Types of Air Fresheners

Now that we know air fresheners are a valuable asset when it comes to combating pet odors in your home, let’s go over the different type so we can find the one that’s most suitable for your needs. The most common method for improving air quality would be using a fragrance in a spray form.

Popular brands such as febreeze and Lysol have become very common but there is a catch, these products mainly focus primarily on removing odors from fabrics, like your couches or seating.

This method is great for freshening your home up in situations like having company on the way and not having enough time for some deep cleaning.

Another Very common air freshener is a high-quality, odor removing candle. This is my favorite air freshening method because I love the smell of a burning candle and it’s very effective with removing odors from my cat. If you go to the higher end candle retailer’s, pick a few scents that would mesh well together but are strong enough to remove odors. I have found this method to work for prolonged periods of time as well so it’s an option to consider. I’ll include a link for some recommended candles for removing odors at the bottom.

Air purifying bags like the Moso Natural Air purifying bag is one of the best methods in my opinion to effectively remove pet odor. These all natural, non-toxic bags use a combination if charcoal and bamboo to pull harmful bacteria and odor causing bacteria out of the room you have it placed in. I keep one in the same room with the litter box, you literally can’t smell it walking into the room. It’s a much better alternative to spraying fabric fresheners and other sprays all over the place. I’ll include a link to the page for them at the bottom of the article.

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