Simple and Effective Tools For Cleaning Your Kitchen Floor

Does your kitchen floor look unpleasant no matter how many times you try to clean it? Do you dislike the mess created every time your kitchen has been used and the extra effort you have to put in to clean it up every day?

Then put your mind at ease with these fantastic tools. Kitchen floors come in a variety of choices but tile still remains the most popular one among homeowners. Tile kitchen floors are easy to install, waterproof, durable, require little maintenance, and are available in many style choices.

However, it is important for you to know how to clean your kitchen tile floors properly and use the appropriate cleaning tools so as to keep them looking new for years to come. Below are 3 of the best tools for cleaning kitchen floors that will keep your kitchen tiles looking clean and spotless while also making the whole process easier and quicker.

1. Mops

Whether you are using them for dry or wet cleaning, mops are considered to be one of the main tools when it comes to keeping kitchen floors clean. Every household requires at least two types of mops; a wet mop for picking up the wet spills on a floor and a dry mop that can be used for collecting dry dust and hair follicles. When you are purchasing a wet mop, make sure to carefully look carefully at the assembly of the handle and hinge as mopping normally stresses on these areas. Avoid string mops as they are heavy to lift, difficult to rinse clean, and feel very awkward when using.

Advantages of Mops:

  • Most are easy to use.
  • They are readily available in almost all shops near you.
  • Easy to store.

Disadvantages of Mops:

  • Cannot be used for other tasks such as cleaning floors.
  • Difficult to use in small areas that are hard to reach.

2. Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have been equipped with proper filtration and have the ability to sweep up dust and remove it completely from the floor. They normally come in two basic types; upright and canister vacuum cleaners. Canister vacuums are excellent for cleaning hard floors, stairs, and areas that are difficult to reach such as car seats. Upright vacuum cleaners are well suited for carpets and are less expensive than the canister vacuums. If you want to get a vacuum cleaner appropriate for cleaning, choose a mini-vacuum model that comes with disposable bags for best air quality and convenience.

Advantages of Vacuum Cleaners:

  • They make the cleaning process much easier as all you need to do is turn on a switch and move it around with little or no effort applied.
  • They can be used on hard to reach places.
  • Have air conditioning tools to provide good air quality while cleaning.

Disadvantages of Vacuum Cleaners:

  • Are more expensive than most average home cleaning tools.
  • Require some kind of power source to work meaning without electricity or batteries, they are useless.

3. Brooms

Brooms are one of the basics that can be found in any household today. They normally come in three basic types; corn, push, and synthetic. Corn brooms are made from natural bristles and can be used for all types of sweeping chores around the house.

They are ideal for kitchen floors as they work hand-in-hand with a dustpan to quickly sweep and pick up the dust on your floor and are made of rough bristle materials that include a pitted or coarse surface able to hold dirt well. When purchasing a corn broom, ensure that you look for one that has a strong and smooth handle with multiple stitching that holds the bristles in place.

Advantages of Brooms:

  • Can be easily found in shop and retail stores near you.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very affordable.

Disadvantages of Brooms:

  • Are not suitable for cleaning all types of dirt and may leave some hanging around.
  • Requires you to put some effort when cleaning by pushing it down and dragging it all over your floor.


While there are still other types of more advanced options available, the three mentioned above are considered by many to be the best and most simple tools used for cleaning a kitchen floor.

It not necessary to have all three, but you should have at least two for a more effective clean whereby one will perform simple basic cleaning tasks such as cleaning up dust or removing food materials on the floor, and the other will be used to remove stains and wet substances such as water, milk, etc. Using these tools well will ensure that your kitchen floor remains completely clean at all times and lasts for many years to come.

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