How to Remove Dog Hair From Clothes in Washing Machine

While we all love our furry pets, we certainly don’t like the pet hair they leave all over the place. The tiny strands stick to the couch, the rug and most of all your clothing. And while a spin in your washing machine is often all that is needed to get rid of fur on the clothes, it often winds up sticking to the washer.

If you have been experiencing this problem here is how you can get rid of annoying hair once and for all.

How to remove hair from clothing before washing them:

There are many ways to do it. However, simply washing polyester and cotton fabric will remove most of it.

However, dog hair tends to just embed further when fabrics like flannel that produce static cling are washed and dried. This is why for instance; it is often extremely difficult to get rid of it from a blanket.

You can use your finger to pick off strands, but this very ineffective and often takes a lot of. Therefore, using a roller is among the best ways. You can also use a dry sponge to pick up loose hair from fabrics before washing them.

It is also advisable to thoroughly shake out all items of clothing before you wash them. Repeat this when they come out of the washer and before putting them in your dryer.

Furthermore, removing static cling will definitely help since it will help loosen it from the clothing making it easy for the dryer and washing machine remove it You can do this by using a liquid fabric softener followed by dyer sheets.

Removing hair from your machine:

  • Leave the door of the washer open and let the drum together with all the do hair that may be clinging to it dry thoroughly.
  • Next, vacuum using a soft brush attachment
  • Pet hair also gets strapped in the drain pump filter very easily, thus preventing your washer from draining out properly. Using instructions from your washer’s manual remove the filter and clear all the clumped hair out.
  • Add two cups of white vinegar and then run it on the regular cycle with hot water
  • Use sponge soaked into a white vinegar solution to scrub the inner part of your machine.
  • Using a toothbrush, clean those hard-to-reach areas of the machine before running the empty machine with hot water.

Removing hair from dryer:

  • Pick out anything stuck the lint trap filter.
  • To remove extra fur stuck in the lint trap compartment , insert a lint brush then moving it around the compartment.
  • Use the crevice attachment to vacuum the lint trap compartment. This will remove all remaining fur.


As long as you keep a dog in your home, the fur will always be around. It is therefore helpful to know how to keep it a bay. These tips will help ensure that you never have to endure the embarrassment of wearing clothes with fabric embedded with your pet’s hair.

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