How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in The House

If the problem of dog hair on the floor, on furniture and even on your clothes is driving you to your wits’ end, you have landed on the right page. Indeed, getting rid of pet hair around the home needs not be an intractable problem.

This all-inclusive guide has all the tips, precautions and practical solutions you need to ensure that your furry friend does not make living in or visiting your home a hair-raising experience for your family and guests.

Floor and Stairs

  • The most effective way of getting hair from carpeted floors is by vacuuming. For the best results use a vacuum cleaner with special hair removal attachment.
  • To remove hair on stairs and laminate or wooden floors, use an electrostatic mop instead of a vacuum cleaner. Vacuums tend to blow the hair around on such smooth surfaces.

Furniture and Bedding

  • A pet hair roller comes very handy in removing hair from furniture (and car upholstery too).
  • Duct tape, especially the inexpensive type used for packaging, works miracles in removing dog hair on furniture, especially on pillows and cushions. Just apply the duct tape directly (and lightly) on the hair infested section and then remove it in one swift motion.


  • Always keep your clothes picked up and put away, not lying about where your dog can lie on them. This rule applies for both clean and dirty clothes.
  • A damp sponge or lint-free cloth is a great way of getting rid of pet hair on clothing quickly. Just give the affected section of your clothing a once over with the wet sponge/ cloth and you are good to go.
  • Before ironing or folding your clothes, ensure that the surface you are using for the task is free of hair.

General Tips

Regular Brushing and Grooming is Good: Many dog owners struggling to contain a dog shedding problem discover that they can vastly reduce the scale of shedding with regular brushing and grooming. Some dog owners prefer to do the grooming on their own while others opt to use a professional groomer.

Change Your Carpet/Upholstery

You can get rid of pet hair on your floors and furniture without lifting a finger (literally) by changing the carpeting or upholstery material to match the color of your dog’s pelt. Of course this should be no excuse never to clean your floor or furniture but at least you will not have to do it every couple of hours!

Give Your Dog Vitamins

If your dog is shedding much more than is normal, it may have to do with her nutritional health. You can remedy this by giving her some vitamin-based supplements. That said though, remember to always consult your veterinarian before administering any vitamins you find on sale on the web.

As our comprehensive guide shows, getting rid of all the animal hair in the home needs not be akin to rocket science. With a few, mostly common sense, tips and precautions you can ensure that dog hair on the floor, furniture or clothing does not cause you any embarrassment again. We have selected the tips and guidelines carefully to ensure you only get to try out the ones which are simple, practical and most ingenious. You can also make cleaning more fun by checking out this guide.

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