Motivation Tips for Cleaning the House

Nobody likes chores. Cleaning the house in particular is a chore many abhor, some people would rather just hire someone else to do it. Fortunately, I can help you get motivated to clean your house. My method is simple, efficient and guaranteed to make cleaning as fun as possible.

1. Put on Some Music

Good music playing in the background can make any task, no matter how boring, much pleasurable. I personally love blasting techno music when I have to do my cleaning. The fast-paced hard pounding beats give me a rhythm which I can grove to while I vacuum and the loud synths ensure that I don’t run out of energy. I’d recommend that you put on fun music when cleaning and avoid any soothing tunes.

2. Prepare Yourself

You need to prepare adequately in order to clean your house properly. This means that all your cleaning equipment should be assembled and ready to be used. You should also make sure you have the right equipment, like a powerful vacuum cleaner, because this can make a huge impact on your motivation to clean. I usually recommend checking out Floor Executive’s website first to find a good vacuum cleaner that’s suitable to your needs and home situation.

In addition to being prepared by having all the right cleaning equipment ready, you should also psychologically prepare yourself for the task by taking 5 minutes and setting your mind to cleaning mode. Having a special outfit is also a great way to make sure that you treat your cleaning day is special.

3. Start With The Smaller Tasks

Research proves that the hardest part of cleaning is usually the first 10 minutes. In this regard it is important to start small and build up your energy as you get to the bigger, more monotonous, tasks. For instance don’t start with cleaning the carpet when you can load the dishwasher.

4. Stick to Your Routine

This is a great a trick that you can play on your brain. Essentially by doing a difficult a task over and over, the brain forgets how much effort is required to get it done. If you clean repeatedly with the same routine your brain will simply forget how much you hated the task a while a go. Isn’t that neat trick!

5. Get Help

Having your family or friends clean with you is another great way to motivate yourself. Add some good music to the mix and an afternoon cleaning session could be just as fun as going out. Spread out the workload and reduce the burden that each person has to carry.

6. Reward Yourself

Now that you have gotten past the laziness barrier its time to set goals and reward yourself for achieving said goals. For instance if you wanted to clean out your closet for the past two years, you could reward yourself with some ice cream if you get the job done by noon. Please don’t slack off after getting your reward.

7. Unorthodox Motivators

Now that we have covered the recommended ways to motivate yourself it is time to go into the lesser known ways. Try them out and fit them into your cleaning routine:

  • In college I would invite a girl over to my dorm room so that I had the motivation to clean. This would make me clean as well and as fast as possible.
  • Set a timer and compete with yourself. Record how long it takes to get your routine done and try to beat your best time.
  • Try a new cleaning product. This works really well if the product has a great scent which you want all over your house.

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