How Music Made Vacuuming Pet Hair Fun And Exciting

Vacuuming pet hair has always been one of my least favorite tasks within my house work routine. Of course, everyone would agree that it has to be done.

Procrastinate this chore and you will end up with little tornadoes of fur circling around your ankles as you walk across the living room floor. And, when you sit down onto the sofa, a cloud of hair will fly up into the air only to settle about your shoulders like a fury sweater.

There is no getting around it. Vacuuming pet hair simply must not be a neglected or procrastinated. So, why not make it fun? Let me explain how music made the entire process more fun and exciting for me.

The Problem and Its Solution

Not only does the drone of the vacuum suck the life out of my soul, but the repetitive forward and backward movements lull me into boredom. I knew there had to be some way to take the drudgery out of this task, and to replace it with some delightful fun.

One day, when I was on the treadmill listening to the radio as I usually do, it came to me. I realized that I could apply the same principle of making exercise more pleasant to the effort of cleaning up pet hair. It became clear that employing great music was the answer I was seeking.

Supplies You Need:

  • HeadphonesHeadphones or ear buds.
  • A device to play music preferably one that is portable.
  • Your favorite music.
  • A good vacuum with all the necessary attachments.
  • Good attitude with a willingness to give it a try.

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner that comes with all the necessary attachments for cleaning up pet messes, make sure to first read this guide on finding the best vacuum for pet hair. Likewise, you can also visit and see some of their best vacuum cleaners.

How it Works

Once I donned my headphones to play my favorite jam music, I suddenly found myself suctioning the hair away along with the rhythm in my ears. Running the upholstery tool over the back of the couch had me swinging my hips and moving and feet to the music. I was having fun while vacuuming! It was hardly imaginable only a few days before.

Align The Music With Your Mood

I have found that the choice of music can also make a big difference in easing the task at hand. It’s best to choose songs that fit your current mood.

  • Classical or easy listening if you are having a stressful day.
  • Favorite jam music if you need a little pep in your step.
  • Love songs if you’re feeling sentimental.
  • Dance music if you’re feeling energetic and need to move.

Regardless of your mood, you can find music that helps you finish your vacuuming quickly.

Sing The Hair Away

If you don’t have a portable music device, you can always take to singing. It doesn’t matter if you are in tune because the noise of the vacuum will help you out. Singing aloud while working can not only improve your intonation through practice, but can give you the opportunity to learn songs in their entirety. Whether you croon old favorites or learn new ones, singing while working can make the time go faster while instilling a natural joy in your heart.

Liberating your home of the swirling pet hair and dust is a recurring self rewarding chore. However, tackling it while immersed in music makes it much more enjoyable and exciting. You might even begin to look forward to your dances with the vacuum rather than finding ways to procrastinate. And when you are finished, you not only have a clean and breathable space, but your soul has been lifted and exhilarated through music. Now that is a win-win.

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