Best Vacuum for Shag Carpet

Shag carpets can present a multitude of challenges for the average homeowner, especially when it comes to choosing a vacuum to clean the carpet. Most people go for vacuums with powerful suction, but these tend to bog down on the carpet and can become useless within a short time.

Similarly, if the wheels of your vacuum cleaner are small, they would no match for the thick tangle that long pile carpets are associated with and you may experience many problems moving the vacuum around on the carpet. For quick and efficient cleaning of your long pile shag carpet, it is important to choose a vacuum that has large wheels so that it can move over the thick carpet more easily.

Choosing The Right One

Shag carpets have the ability to store volumes of dirt, dust, small particles and allergens such as pet dander, but as mentioned earlier, not all cleaners are ideal for vacuuming them. Here is what you should consider when shopping for a good vacuum:

  • Powerful filters – a good vacuum should have powerful filters that remove allergens from rugs. This ensures that the air carrying them does not re-circulate for the user to inhale
  • The weight of the unit – you don’t want to invest in a vacuum that is too difficult to push over your carpets. It will be impossible to reach areas under furniture if your cleaner weighs a ton.
  • Consistent suction power – the suction power of any vacuum cleaner model depends on its motor. Shag rugs and carpets require a motor with consistent suction power so that it can easily lift away dust, debris and dirt.
  • Sturdy constructions – shag carpets tend to have long piles with tick tangles that can easily restrict cleaning movement. The ideal unit should have a sturdy, solid construction and this extends to its wheels. The model’s wheels would be large and sturdy to move over the long piles without entanglement.

Other things to consider while shopping:

  • Bagged or bagless – a bagged cleaner will save the cost of purchasing bags, but it will require more filters that require periodic cleaning or replacement.
  • Check for sales – discounts of 20 to 30 percent are periodically available, especially during the holiday season. For mass market brand, check store circular or sign up on retailer or manufacturer retail lists to receive news and coupons of upcoming promotions.
  • Watch out for the noise – any vacuum will see louder in a room with a lot of echo, but this shouldn’t stop you from looking for the quietest model you can find. Canister vacuums tend to be the least noisy. Having a quiet vacuum also makes it easier to listen to music while you do your cleaning.

Feature Fundamentals

Some cleaners have features designed to improve performance or take some of the drudgery out of cleaning. But gadgets shouldn’t dazzle you. Check if the vacuum cleaner is compatible with some add-on cleaning tools such as a narrow tool for vacuuming crevices, a small upholstery brush and a round brush for dusting. Edge cleaner are an optional tool you should look for since they can pick up debris under the entire area of the cleaning head.

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